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Listen To The Latest GEICO Radio Commercials

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  1. John D Richardson says,

    the ” surveys show that 82% of people remember a radio ad with an English accent…”
    person yelling in “English”
    that is the best Geico has ever done…maybe the best anyone has done

  2. Marilyn Maldonado says,

    What can I say, I agree with it all .
    My next home in North Carolina I will be insured with gieco, like my car.

  3. MariaUnfiltered says,

    I came here to find out who the voice of the motorcyclist is, who talks about getting “gremlins” in his teeth. He sounds like Bender and/or Jake.

  4. Donnie says,

    I came here trying to find out who the voice actors are in these radio ads. The “Cheer” girl sounds like the same voice as the house in “Identity Crisis” and “Cat”, and I think she has a delightful voice.

  5. Daniel says,

    The short radio commercial with that lady saying that fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more came from Shakespeare, and she says something like “giveth thou the berries.” It got replaced by a different one with a girl who said it was their softball cheer. I liked that one. Can’t find it anywhere.

  6. Joanne says,

    The Shakespeare radio/podcast spots drive me insane. I skip them or turn it off as quickly as possible. Everything about it annoys me, the voice, the nonsense of it and how often it plays. I don’t skip any of the ads played except the Geico ones. The others are not much better. These are counter-productive to say the least.

  7. Jennifer says,

    I usually find Geico ads clever + even entertaining (I love the TV spots with the visiting aunts!). However, I think the two radio spots which have someone claiming the Geico slogan is a quote from Shakespeare or a girl’s softball team slogan are obnoxious + an insult to intelligence. The streaming station I listen to plays them over + over to the point that I detest hearing them. I hope you won’t pursue making any more of these types of ads. Thanks for the opportunity to comment.

  8. Buck says,

    Instead of all the adds being silly.
    Make them show what heros you are in the time of need. How you have made peoples life’s better having GEICO. True storys real life’s that matter. GEICO.. Thanks for reading…

  9. Teresa Munoz says,

    I think you should do a commercial about how great their new house is except for the neighbors kids (🐐) billy goat kids in their yard. Lol thanks