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Surprising Car Washing Dos And Don’ts

The best rationale for keeping your car clean? It may sound superficial, but: “the better it looks, the more value you’re going to get out of your vehicle,” says Jennifer Olvera, director of creative and marketing at Chemical Guys, a car-detailing company based in Los Angeles. In fact, all things being equal between two used cars, the one that’s clean and well maintained will command the best price, she says.

Here are Olvera’s six dos and don’ts for making that new-car look last longer.

Don’t Use Just Any Old T-Shirt, Towel Or Rag

Old tees and tattered towels are easy to come by, but they’re not as soft as microfiber cloths, which are easier on your car’s finish. For a gentler wash, try a microfiber chenille noodle mitt. To dry the car, Olvera suggests using either a plush microfiber towel or a waffle-weave towel. For a fast, streak-free finish, use two waffle-weave towels and wipe off as much glass cleaner as you can with the first towel, then buff away any last drops or streaks with the second.

Do Use Two Buckets

Another way to keep your car’s paint job looking flawless longer: Avoid rubbing it repeatedly with dirt and debris when you wash it. Try the two-bucket method: Fill up one bucket with soapy water and another with just water. Wet your wash mitt in the first. Then, after you suds up your car, dip the mitt into the rinse bucket to clear off grime before you soap it up again. “It’s a way to make sure everything that could be on your mitt is off, reducing any chance of scratching,” Olvera says.

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Do Brush & Vacuum The Floor Mats

Your vacuum can’t catch all of the dirt or dog hair that’s stuck on your interior’s carpet. Take a stiff brush to it first to loosen dust and caked-on mud. “Most vacuums are pretty strong,” Olvera says, “but this will make sure that anything captured in those fibers in your carpet comes out.”

Don’t Use A Circular Motion

“The moment you start doing circles, you risk introducing superfine scratches that are hard to fix,” says Olvera. Instead, for each step in the car-washing process, move your mitt or towel in straight lines or a Z-pattern. An accidental scratch in a straight line will be easier to touch up.

Do Clean & Protect Your Seats

“A lot of people forget to maintain their leather seats,” Olvera says. Even getting in and out of the car will eventually lead to cracking if you’re not conditioning it regularly. Depending on how much time your car spends in the sun, you should clean leather seats and moisturize with a leather conditioner every month to every six months. For cloth seats, regularly apply a fabric guard. If a spill happens, it’ll be easier to wipe up since the liquid won’t penetrate. (“Do this with your carpets, as well,” she says.) To address stains, spray a non-foaming all-purpose cleaner directly on the seat and scrub with a horsehair brush, then pat with a microfiber towel to dry.

Do Wear Car-Friendly Clothes When You Wash It

Zip-up hoodies, belt buckles and bracelets can hurt your paint job. Before you get started, consider what you have on—or invest in a microfiber apron (yes, they exist!) to wear while you do this chore. While it may seem overzealous to put on a car-washing outfit, Olvera says that even buttons can scratch paint.

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By Catherine Strawn

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  1. Anita says,

    You guys forgot door jams, under fender wells,Windows and protect your dash and and all interiors. Sorry I’m a classic OCD

  2. Cliff says,

    I like what my son told me in drying a car. Use a leaf blower. It works great and gets into places that a towel cannot.

  3. George Brown says,

    Be sure you get VISOR EXTENDERS. I recently had some basil cell cancers removed. The drivers side can be dangerous. Check out truck drivers faces after long term sun exposure. Be aure your

  4. Sudhir Makim says,

    Thank you for info ration.Geico is good company .Agent is answer all question.If you involve in accident the help us worried free advice.

  5. Sammy says,

    Good idea I’m out the door right now with two buckets a partridge in a pear tree having fun PS thank you Geico Sammy

  6. Robbie Palmer says,

    Carry a good old hand tire pump, if you can find one. Electric ones most often fail when needed, and plastic can overheat and distort. When inflating a flat tire, count the number of full strokes of the pump, so that when in the dark you can approximate the proper pressure if you lack a gauge. One pump I had registered one pound for each stroke; thus 30 lbs was easy to count.

  7. Marty says,

    Read the ingredients on your body lotion bottle then read the ones on your leather seat cleaners. Just about the same stuff. I use cheap hand lotion on my leather seats and have done this for years. Cheaper than the auto parts leather cleaners and smells nice too.

  8. Four wheeling fun. says,

    Great ideas for what to have in a emergency. Also, washing your car is also a good idea. Be careful when using glass cleaner on window tints. Many of those solvents damage the tints and they become more of a problem than a sun blocker. Last tip. Check your spare tire. Most people forget to do that because it is out of site, yet a flat tire is probably one of the most common emergency. If you can’t change a tire, someone may be able to help you but you need to have a good inflated spare. ?

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