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(Quiz) Are You A Road Hog?

Most of us are taught as kids that sharing is the right thing to do. But drivers of cars, as well as riders of motorcycles and bicycles can seem more apt to stoke each other’s rage than happily share the road.

And with more people commuting to work on bicycles than ever before (across cities, the average increase from 2000 to 2013 was 62 percent, according to the League of American Bicyclists), it’s crucial that all drivers watch out for each other. Answer the following questions to see if your road-sharing skills need sharpening.

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By Paula Derrow

Illustration by Peter Grundy

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  1. Hector S. says,

    Paula, Thanks for sending this quiz. Please when possible keep on sending similar quiz. These are good tools to help sharpen a drivers skills and knowledge and helps keep everybody safe on the road by providing necessary knowledge.

  2. Williams says,

    The last one doesn’t apply to us we don’t live anywhere close to there sure have questions that apply to the state we actually live in .

  3. Sandy says,

    This is an awesome Quiz we should do more of this kind of things instead of doing other stupid things like texting and driving so I am pleased with the Quiz ?

  4. Rhodesia Rwanda says,

    The last question of the quiz was something I didn’t know was permissible in California. I guess I wouldn’t know that question since I don’t live in California, nor have I ever been to California in my life time. Thank you for keeping us all informed on how to be safer when traveling on these by ways.

  5. Leonardo C. Ligot says,

    I have license class a cdl w/endorsement of hazmat, triple/double,tanker, passenger luxury coach and also twice that can use in any ports.