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(Quiz) Are You A Road Hog?

Most of us are taught as kids that sharing is the right thing to do. But drivers of cars, as well as riders of motorcycles and bicycles can seem more apt to stoke each other’s rage than happily share the road.

And with more people commuting to work on bicycles than ever before (across cities, the average increase from 2000 to 2013 was 62 percent, according to the League of American Bicyclists), it’s crucial that all drivers watch out for each other. Answer the following questions to see if your road-sharing skills need sharpening.

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By Paula Derrow

Illustration by Peter Grundy

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  1. Trisch A. says,

    I see motorcyclists must have more common sense than non m/c drivers. It figures!
    The California question took me by surprise as I’m a native Californian, I just got back to Cali after living in Idaho for 26 years. I actually think it’s cool they allow that move in Cali. It may not be very liked by cage drivers when being passed by a bike that way. I have seen that happen many times and I’ve done it myself, not knowing it was legal. I’ve seen that move executed quite well, professional looking & very safely done.
    It’s a mind blower, I did not know it was legal til now when I read it here. Thanks for the info and please keep sending us these fun little ways of brushing up on our skills & knowledge.
    I’m a female rider, m/c licensed for 47 years. Again, thanks very much & happy riding to all : )