Fun Stuff: Spot The Difference!

Can you spot all 10 differences between these two images?


Image 1:

illustrated city intersection

Image 2:

illustrated city intersection

Scroll down for the answer key…














Answer Key

illustrated city intersection

  1. Dog walker no longer has a dog or leash.
  2. Man is now crossing—appropriately—in the crosswalk.
  3. Fire hydrant has disappeared.
  4. Bicyclist has moved—appropriately—into the bike lane.
  5. The pedicab driver has a helmet.
  6. The GEICO logo on the white truck has disappeared.
  7. The convertible is following the taxi at a safer distance.
  8. Police officer has disappeared.
  9. Blue police vehicle is now a red fire department vehicle.
  10. The windows of the green car are no longer heavily tinted.

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