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Be Prepared Before Driving Abroad

Driving a car is a routine we’re all accustomed to, but doing so thousands of miles from home can be overwhelming. From insurance and rental contracts to road signs and roundabouts, foreign roads can be intimidating.

Follow these tips to ensure a safe, stress-free journey on your next jet-setting adventure.

Make Sure You Can Drive Abroad

Some countries may require more than a U.S. driver’s license. For a small fee, you can get an International Driving Permit (IDP) from AAA and the National Auto Club. This translates your driver’s license into different languages and is worth keeping with you.

You have to be 18 to obtain an IDP, but you should also check the driving age in the country you’re visiting. Rental car companies may also have a minimum or maximum age for renting a car.

GEICO can help with overseas insurance.

Insurance Outside The U.S.

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So, you’re allowed to drive at your destination, and now you need to protect yourself. Know your insurance options before you go. Whether you’re staying in North America or renting a car internationally, here are a few options:

  • Heading to Canada? Good news — your GEICO auto insurance policy will cover you! Learn more about insurance in Canada here.
  • If you’re headed in the opposite direction, we can assist you in getting Mexico tourist auto insurance.
  • Unless your car is a hovercraft, you’ll be renting a car when you cross the pond. You’ll need a credit card for the rental, so check with your credit card company to see if they offer coverage. If they do, make sure you have a good understanding of what’s covered.
  • The rental car company will also offer extra protection. Try to pick a company you’re familiar with and research insurance options beforehand.
  • You might be traveling between countries, especially in Europe. No matter how you choose to obtain insurance, be sure that the coverage extends across borders.

Getting Behind The Wheel

Night shot of GPS navigational system on dashboard of car. Traffic lights are visible through windshield.With all of the paperwork out of the way, it’s time to get behind the wheel! But be prepared for a few roadblocks before you even start the car.

  • Rental car companies may only offer manual transmissions, or charge an additional fee for an automatic. Familiarize yourself with the vehicle before driving. A new country isn’t the place to learn how to drive a stick.
  • Depending on the country, the steering wheel might be on the “wrong” side, which means you’ll also be driving on the left. This can be easy to forget, so stay alert, especially when entering or exiting roads and intersections.
  • Rent a GPS from the rental car company, or bring one with you with international maps loaded. You’ll want to avoid using your smartphone’s GPS, as data roaming charges can be expensive in another country. Of course, a traditional map is a good idea to have as well.
  • Avoid driving in city centers. Public transportation is excellent, especially in most European countries. It’s not worth navigating heavily congested, narrow streets in a car.

Of course, it’s still just a car, so all of the safety precautions you take at home still apply. Wear a seatbelt, avoid distracted driving, and don’t drink and drive.

Will you be living abroad for a prolonged period? Learn about how overseas insurance can help you with the transition and protect your vehicles and personal property.

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    • Editor says,

      Hi Alli,
      That’s a great question. Please call 1-800-947-AUTO (2886) so a licensed agent can advise as to your coverage. Thanks!

  1. Jennie Sulemana says,

    The articles do not state how far into Mexico you can go and be covered. If I’m within a quarter mile approaching the border to pass into USA am I covered?

  2. Leo Hernandez says,

    Can I purchase the same auto coverage from Fl United States to cover my two week vacation in Spain France and Portugal

  3. Jamal Heath says,

    Can my Geico auto insurance insure my rental car when i travel to Costa Rica?

    Can I add it to my plan for when I travel to Costa Rica?

    Thank You,


  4. CA in Spain says,

    I am American, married to a Spanish person.
    We stay a few months per year in Spain.

    I will ship a car to Spain, to be used less than 180 days/year – – therefore, I am allowed to use my California Drivers License, AND I may drive my foreign registered car with California plates (because it is driven less than 180 days/year)

    Is there a US insurance policy that will cover me for the (up to) 6 months I am in Spain?

    (i appreciate your time and knowledge VERY much… but please read the question and answer this question only)

    • Marilyn says,

      We rented a car in Ireland last May – we purchased travel insurance that included car rental insurance. When we arrived at the rental car location, we found out that Ireland was specifically excluded. I would call Geico and ask

  5. Mary Carol says,

    I am just curious my husband and I just got married recently and we have started the process for his immigration status since but it is a long process and can take up to three months or longer and his visa work visa recently expired along with his drivers license etc. Our attorney is working on all the filling the proper paper work but is there anyway he can drive with his South African drivers license and be covered by insurance and not get in any trouble? He was told by someone Geico would be his best bet for insurance and I just wanted to check it out. Thanks

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