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DIY Pet Costumes In 15 mins Or Less

Get your furry friends ready to trick-or-treat in less than 15 minutes with these DIYs from our friends at Nifty.

Petunia Cat Collar


– Collar or thick ribbon
– Cardstock or cardboard
– Marker
– Scissors
– Hot glue
– Felt in desired colors
– Willing pet


1. Trace a petal shape on cardstock with a marker.

2. Cut out petal shape in cardstock to use as template for felt petals.

3. Place template over felt and trace onto felt.

4. Cut petal shapes out of felt.

5. Cut a piece of ribbon that fits loosely around your pet’s neck, with a couple of inches to spare, or use a collar.

6. Using hot glue, layer the petals on the ribbon and adhere.

7. After glue has dried, simply tie the collar around the pet’s neck to turn them into a PETunia!

Hot Dog Dog Costume


– Brown shirt for animal
– Red puffy paint
– Yellow puffy paint
– Tan felt
– Hot glue
– Cardstock
– Marker
– Scissors
– Willing pet


1. Use puffy paint to draw a ketchup and mustard squiggle on the back of the brown shirt.

2. Let paint dry.

3. Using cardstock, trace an outline of a bun shape based on the pet’s size.

4. Cut out the cardstock template.

5. Trace the bun template onto 2 pieces of tan felt.

6. Hot glue each side of the “bun” to either side of the brown shirt.

7. Let dry and then pull the shirt onto the pet to turn them into a hot dog!

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