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Understanding Umbrella Insurance

Most of us have insurance for our homes and cars. But did you know that even the most comprehensive policies can leave you exposed to a potentially calamitous lawsuit? That’s why there’s umbrella insurance, a type of coverage that can handle just about everything under the sun. Want more details? Check out our answers to the most common questions people have about the insurance policy of insurance policies.

At its most basic, what is umbrella insurance?

It is a type of liability coverage that goes above and beyond what you would find in typical home, auto and boat insurance policies. It’s designed to protect you from claims and lawsuits in two ways: by covering things that aren’t included in other policies; and by giving you coverage above the limits in your typical policy.

What exactly does umbrella insurance cover?

Like the name suggests, umbrella policies can cover a wide array of potential mishaps. If your dog bites someone in the park, it could cover that. If your neighbor slips on your driveway and dislocates a shoulder, it could cover that. And if you’re liable for a car accident which exceeds the limits of your auto insurance policy, umbrella coverage could kick in to take care of the remainder.

How can the extended coverage limits help me?

Umbrella policies kick in once you’ve reached the maximum payout allowed under your normal home, auto or boat policy. For example, let’s say you crash into another car on the highway, leaving its driver with $500,000 in hospital bills. If your regular auto policy has a $300,000 bodily injury limit, you could be responsible for $200,000. But if you have an umbrella policy, it would spring into action, covering that final $200,000.

Where can I find information about umbrella insurance?

Visit our website to learn more about our policies and how they can help. You can also call 1-866-272-5192 for a personalized quote.

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