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How To Get Better Gas Mileage

With gas prices fluctuating daily, drivers need to get the most out of every tank. And with simple fuel-saving tips, tricks and maintenance checks, you can learn to stretch your fill-up to the fullest.

1. Ditch The Clunker

Fuel efficiency has improved as new, more efficient vehicles have been designed over recent years. Choosing a newer, more fuel-efficient vehicle can save you thousands in the long run, both in dollars and minutes spent at the pump.

2. Save With Safety

Making small safety changes to your daily driving habits adds up in your tank, your wallet and your well-being. Fast acceleration and hard braking lower gas mileage by up to 33% on the highway and 5% in a city, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Keep a lid on aggressive driving and travel with zen-fueled efficiency.

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3. Drop The Excess Weight

Rooftop cargo containers are a great help on family trips. But these space-savers create wind resistance, which makes your car work harder and burn up to 17% more fuel on the highway. Excess weight in the trunk also sucks up fuel unnecessarily at a rate of 1% for every 100 pounds. Leave empty or unused cargo containers at home and clear out clutter for a smoother ride and steeper savings.

4. Minimize Winter Driving

Did you know your car is less fuel-efficient in cold weather? Warming a car takes a lot of gas and can drain your tank before you even hit the road. Most manufacturers recommend warming your car for just 30 seconds and driving off slowly rather than long, idling warm-ups. Try parking your car in a garage to keep the engine warmer and combine trips and errands in the colder months.

5. Maintenance: Pay Now, Save Later

Staying up to date on regular vehicle maintenance keeps your car more fuel-efficient. Regular oil and filter changes keep cars running in the fuel-efficient zone. Tires that are properly inflated reduce drag and won’t have your engine working overtime, increasing your gas mileage and lowering carbon emissions.

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By Katherine Palbom

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  1. kum says,

    thank you very much about the “warming up the car debate’. my husband as my father before him always says ,” you have to wait till the needles are off cold. i see 1 min to 30 seconds is fine. thank you, and i have already told my husband,,,,

  2. Elizabeth says,

    Thank you for the tips. I have never had to take care of the vehicle before, but now with my husband gone, I have to learn how! Your tips are a great help, thanks very much!

  3. Mohammad Hossain says,

    Good instructions and advice for car owners. To my thinking, it is very useful in everyday driving life.
    Mohammad Hossain
    July18th, 2016

  4. Saundra says,

    Thank you GEICO For the great tips I especially like teaching us to keep a eye on our tires our batteries stop aggressive driving and stop breaking quickly…keep an eye on our battery level keep our car check periodically for good maintenance thank you so much

    • Gina says,

      Sometimes not best U check to see if U have it.Its less stressful to always have it for a couple of dollars more.Its really worth it trust and see for yourself.

  5. Tina says,

    I have a 1994 Mercedes S500 and it won’t pass the smog test. I had 3 test and the same problem exist. Idle emissions test results- idle max = 100, Ave = 17, Meas 195. CO %=1.00, Ave:= 0.00, Meas =0.39.
    What’s the problem? Everything else passed

  6. Bedie R Patterson says,

    Thanks for the concern you show for your customers well being. It is a great help to seniors, especially those who live alone. Thanks again.

  7. Marvin Morrison says,

    After reading this information, I went out and checked the oil, put some soap in the water for spraying the windshield, pumped two or three pounds of air pressure in each tire, checked the fluids, and cleaned and serviced the battery. I’m almost seventy-six years old and the heat index was 104 degrees. I barely made it inside before I collapsed. Later i thought “Man, I could have collapsed outside and been baked to death. I must have been inspired. Please, don’t do it the way I did it.

    But later, it was a pleasure driving my car while I contemplated the joy of being alive.

    • Barb Dauerty says,

      Thanks for the tips. It’s gratifying that they were just a reminder; stuff I already do. Now I’ll stop dragging my feet!

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