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Top Boat Safety Tips For Fall

There’s nothing quite like setting sail on a beautiful fall day and enjoying the changing colors from the open water. But there are a few key things to keep in mind before you get in your boat this autumn. Here are some tips, courtesy of BoatU.S.

Dress For The Weather

Dress in layers, starting with a thin base layer, and avoid things like jeans and cotton shirts, which do not dry as easily or retain heat as well as wool and synthetic materials. It’s also a good idea to bring along a separate bag of heavier clothing in case bad weather hits.

Review The Basics

Crowded waterways mean boaters must know their navigation rules. Review how to handle crossing and overtake situations, as well as what to do when meeting another boat head-on.

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Plan Ahead

It’s vital to prepare a float plan and leave it with a friend or family member before you hit the water. Much like flight plans for planes, float plans provide a record of where you intend to go and when you intend to return. Not sure how to prepare one? Here’s a handy float plan template.

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Leave Alcohol Ashore

Alcohol’s impairing effects on coordination can put a captain and passengers at risk of falling overboard. Operating a boat while drinking also could lead to a boating under the influence charge, which carries steep fines.

Do A Systems Check

On inboard boats, check all fluid levels and have a look at the bilge to make sure water isn’t getting in. It’s also worth checking the engine belts and making sure that water is coming out of the exhaust and the batteries are charging when you start the engine.

On trailerable boats, be sure to check the steering before the boat leaves the ramp. Check the fuel before you get on the water and check the drain plug once you’ve launched. Also make sure the engine is running properly and allowing water to pass through.

Be sure your navigation lights are working properly if you’ll be out after dark, and carry a handheld radio with digital selective calling (DSC) so you can send a distress signal to the Coast Guard if you run into trouble.

Gear Up On Safety

If you’re going more than 20 miles offshore, bring a personal locator beacon (PLB) or an emergency position-indicating radio beacon (EPIRB). Either of those will allow you to be located by satellite in the event of an emergency.

Make sure everyone on board knows where to locate safety gear. Show passengers how to properly wear and inflate life jackets, depending on what type is on the boat, and keep the life jackets easily accessible for everyone.

Avoid Distractions

With increased traffic on the waterways, those at the helm need to maintain a proper lookout. Leave smartphones alone, and know when to tune out conversations on board.  Ask another passenger to assist as a lookout.

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  1. Peter Stevens says,

    Safety measures are nicely described here for specially fall days. A lot of boaters and fishermen like to travel in less crowd. So for them fall season is the best as there are less boaters on water in that time. So safety measures should be maintained properly to avoid accident. But can you tell me about the temperature which is very much suitable for boat lovers? And besides which temperature I can consider myself best for boating?

    Thank you

  2. Scott says,

    Very insightful article. I like that you point out that it is important to dress for the weather. It would be a pretty sad thing to be out on the lake and have a rain storm come from no where and have no protective clothing. My dad is thinking about buying a boat for next summer. He should definitely read these things before heading out to the lake.

  3. Stewart Boomer says,

    Thanks for walking through some of the steps to being safe while boating in the fall. Where I live, it tends to get cold a little earlier, so it’s nice to know that there I ways I can prepare my boat if I still want to go out – for example, I’d never thought to check on the steering before I launch. But it makes a ton of sense! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Andre Beluchi says,

    Oh, those sure are some beautiful boats right there in the pictures. Those boats remind me of the ones that my father showed me at a certain boat sales event. The event itself was amazing because we got to see the variety of boats that were displayed.

  5. Adam Waddy says,

    After reading your article, I really want to find a boat to go fishing with family.
    Nice blog. It’s very informative to read. Thanks for tips.

  6. Raylin Sutter says,

    I love boating and actually just found a really nice boat for sale. I couldn’t find the one that I wanted before summer started and so I decided to wait it out. However, now that it is fall I would still like to go out for some fishing with my family. What are some of the hazards faced by those who are out on the water during the Fall? I would like to be prepared for that.