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Maintaining Insurance Outside The U.S.: Overseas Insurance 101

If you’re a member of the Military or a government employee working abroad, GEICO Financial Services GmbH, GEICO’s affiliate in Germany, can assist with a variety of insurance policies to give you peace of mind at your home away from home.

“We have a lot of customers who insure through us because they know the name GEICO and know they can depend on it,” says Marina Froehlich, European Operations manager for GEICO’s overseas division.

GEICO has a special arm devoted to Military personnel that can help with identity protection and customized property and auto insurance policies. Military members may be especially interested in marine transport insurance, and GEICO GmbH can assist in obtaining a policy that covers your vehicle while it is being shipped to another country.

Most importantly, GEICO provides low-cost storage plans—which helps customers retain their insurance while abroad. That means customers won’t have to cancel their insurance when heading overseas and start from scratch when they return home.

Although these policies are primarily available to Military and government employees, expatriates may also be eligible for coverage, depending on local regulations and requirements.

GEICO knows that being overseas can make simple tasks like paying bills a Herculean challenge, so members of the Military have the option of tailor-made payment plans. In addition, a hotline (1-800-MILITARY) is available where specially trained employees—many of them Veterans of the Armed Forces—can answer any queries.

For those who want to drive abroad, GEICO can also assist with overseas policies that usually include liability, comprehensive and collision insurance. Rental reimbursement is also available in some countries if a customer’s vehicle is being repaired due to a claim. And if a member member is insured through GEICO GmbH while overseas, they could save on insurance premiums when back at home. The overseas department can help with this transition prior to your departure to the United States.

“With Military (personnel), the years that they’re insured with us—if it’s in Germany, Italy, the UK, or wherever—that tenure will help them get a better rate when they go back to the United States with GEICO,” Froehlich says.

Moving to a different country can be a challenge when English isn’t the official language, but GEICO makes the transition easier.

“There are local companies insuring the Military in some European countries, and most of their policies are in a foreign language,” Froehlich says. “All our contracts are in English, which makes a big difference.”

If you’re being deployed to another country this year, be sure to visit geico.com before you leave.

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  1. Joel Hemmila says,

    I am a government civilian employee currently assigned to the UK for 3 years. Would like to get insurance for a car that I am going to purchase.