Unusual Insurance Policies

Everyone knows us for car insurance; we can help protect your home and you can even insure your collectibles. But when it comes to a fear of the supernatural, you won’t be getting a quote on geico.com. Not yet, anyway.

From celebrities to the just plain bizarre, here are some of the most unusual insurance policies in the world. For your more “typical” insurance needs, we’re still here for you.

Alien Abduction Insurance

Believe it or not, a London based firm has sold more than 30,000 alien abduction insurance policies throughout Europe. Of course, you’ll need to provide proof of the occurrence to file a claim. If you’re a believer, a little green could save you from the little green men.

Don’t Forget Werewolfs, Vampires and Ghosts

werewolf driving a carAre you a little too into the TV series True Blood? No problem. There’s an insurance policy for you, too. The Royal Falcon Hotel in Lowestoft, England, for example, insured its staff and customers against death and disability caused by ghosts, poltergeists and other abnormal phenomena.

Ransom Reimbursement

Multinational corporations have been known to secure policies for kidnapping, just in case their executives are abducted in another country while on a business trip. But individuals can also purchase this insurance if they so desire. How does it work? The insurance company will deploy a team of negotiators, and will reimburse the ransom price up to your policy limits.

Food Truck Insurance

food truckHere’s one that’s relatively unknown, but necessary if you’re a part of the growing mobile food vendor industry. With up to 10,000 food trucks in Los Angeles County alone, you want to be sure your rolling veggie burrito business is insured. Auto accidents, fire, and food borne illness are just some of the risks they face.

Celebrities And Other Irreplaceable Talents

From rock stars to athletes, the list of over-the-top celebrity insurance policies is a long one, often with major payouts. In fact, just about any body part you can think of has been insured. Here are just a few.

A Dutch Winemaker’s Nose

After hearing about a man who lost his sense of smell in a car accident, winemaker Ilja Gort took out an $8 million policy on his nose. Under the terms of the policy, he is barred from riding a motorcycle or working as a knife thrower’s assistant or fire-breather, among other things.

Gene Simmons

You don’t always have to insure the entire body. Gene Simmons, the legendary bassist for the 70’s rock band Kiss, allegedly insured his tongue for $1 million when the band was in its prime.

Troy Polamalu’s Hair Endorsement

Policies on athletes don’t have to be about performance. For example, this Pittsburgh Steeler is a star on the field, but Proctor & Gamble has something more specific in mind with their endorsement deal. As the star of their shampoo commercial, they’ve insured his famous hair for $1 million.

By Nathan Erb

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  1. Susan strate says,

    I have just spent a majority of my savings on dentures. Is it possible to get insurance on the dentures themselves? Like for breaking them, losing them etc. weird question I know, can find nothing on line.

  2. Big black big mac says,

    I need alien abduction insurance. Some guy has been walking around flash banging my neighbors and then flying off only to run into a McDonald’s billboard. Please send help

  3. John Burchardt says,

    Here’s a real question about “Unusual Policies”, The current replacement value for my vehicle is around $4K, but I plan on fully restoring this 15 yr car to the point where the manufacturer is going to “Re-Warranty” my vehicle as if it was a new car after the work is completed.

    Moreover, the completed vehicle will be the ONE and ONLY vehicle of it’s kind, impossible to replace if it becomes totaled in an accident. For the sake of this writing, let’s assume an estimated restoration cost of $40K. That means we have 15 yr old, but warrantied as new $40K irreplaceable vehicle.

    So how do I go about ensuring that my investment is covered?

    • Cliff says,

      Lucien, if you have valuable items like old comics or vinyl records, I would definitely recommend getting additional insurance on them. When my parents were burglarized, they discovered their home owners only covered $500 for jewelry, when thousands of dollars worth of jewelry was stolen.