15 Summer Picnic Tips

Keep ants off your pants and yums in your tums with these 15 summer picnic tips from our friends at Goodful.

  1. Bring a tarp or waterproof canvas to put under your picnic blanket so wet grass doesn’t seep through.
  2. Wear a wide brim hat to protect yourself from the sun.
  3. Wear and reapply sunscreen regularly.picnic
  4. Bring bug spray to keep pesky bugs away.
  5. Bring mesh screens and covers for dishes to keep flies and other critters off food.
  6. Instead of the hard-to-carry picnic basket, instead bring large canvas totes.
  7. Instead of disposable dishware and cutlery, opt for reusable items such as bamboo or enamelware.
  8. Choose foods that travel well like hearty crudites, nuts, and grain-based salads.
  9. Use reusable plastic containers or even beeswax wrappers, and twine for a lightweight and waste-free option to carry foods.
  10. Bring a large cutting board to act as a table for drinks and small bites.
  11. Bring an additional sack or trash bag to tote away dirty dishes and other items.
  12. Bring something to do like a card game or board game to pass the time.
  13. Partially freeze water bottles to keep cold foods cold and then drink them as they melt.
  14. Premake a large batch of iced tea or lemonade and bring in a large jar for easy toting.
  15. Bring small pillows to sit on or lie down with for additional comfort.
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