Upcycled Ornaments

Upcycle Your Ornaments Into Works Of Art In 15 Minutes Or Less

Upcycle those dusty old ornaments into stunning masterpieces without breaking the bank!

Cornucopia Centerpiece

DIY Cornucopia from recycled ornaments1. Start with glass ornament

2. Take off top

3. Drip nail polish and/or acrylic craft paint into the ornament

4. Turn the ornament for desired drip effect

5. Pour out any excess paint

6. Let dry for 30 minutes

7. Prefill cornucopia with real or faux foliage

*Optional — twist or curl pipe cleaners into the ornaments’ tops to resemble leaves


Decorative Cupcake

cupcake ornament materials1. Start with glass or plastic ornament

2. Paint desired color

3. Let dry

4. Place the dry ornament into a cupcake wrapper (can be hot glued or taped in for extra security)

5. Mix spackling paste with craft paint to create “frosting”

6. Transfer colored spackling into piping bag

7. Pipe the “frosting”

8. Add assorted beads onto the fresh “frosting” to simulate toppings

9. Let dry overnight


Ornament terrarium materials1. Start with a clear plastic ornament

2. Use a glass and dry erase marker to draw a circle

3. Cut a hole on the side of the ornament following the marker outline

4. Sand the cut

5. Loop twine through the top and front opening and tie a knot

6. Put in air plants or desired decorations!

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