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5 Tech-Savvy Ways To Save On Retail

No matter what you’re shopping for, you always want a deal. The good news: Your most powerful money-saving tool is probably within arm’s reach. That’s because mobile app and web discounts can be bigger than those found in stores. Here’s how to take advantage of the hidden savings available right on your mobile device.

1. Shop Using Online Coupons

Virtually gone are the days of clipping paper coupons out of the newspaper or printing them out from your computer. Now digital coupons make saving money even easier (and more eco-friendly). Most major retailers send online coupons via email, so be sure to sign up for those marketing emails to stay on top of the latest offers, and pull them up on your phone before you hit the checkout line. Many retailers even load their latest coupons directly into their apps for easy access.

Several third-party apps also exist that help aggregate sales and coupons in one place and can be great for finding obscure deals (although they may not always be available for use in your area). Search your phone’s app store for “coupons” to find them.

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2. Take Advantage Of Cash-Back Offers

Several of these same coupon sites offer cash-back offers for in-store or online purchases when you link your credit card or store rewards card. The catch? You have to activate the cash-back offer before you shop, so be sure to do your research before you checkout.

Grocery shopping smartphone list3. Ask For A Price-Match

Many retailers offer guaranteed lowest prices and will match a competitor’s lower price (some will even beat it by 10%). While you’re shopping, use your phone to browse competitor sites and see if anyone is offering the item at a lower price. Be sure to check the store’s own website as well, as many times their own online prices will beat their in-store prices. Have your phone ready to show the cashier and ask if they will do a price-match. Not every retailer will, but it never hurts to ask, and it will save you a trip to another store.

Many major retail brands will also honor current coupons from their closest retail competitors. Do your research before you hit the checkout line and ask the cashier if they will accept a competitor coupon.

4. Let Your Browser Do The Research

If you’re a savvy online shopper, you can add a browser add-on (a.k.a. extension) that watches what you shop for and alerts you on-screen if the item you’re looking at is available for less elsewhere on the web.

5. Upload Your Receipts For Rewards

The savings don’t stop at checkout; your phone’s app store is rife with rewards apps that let you earn points by visiting stores, scanning and uploading your receipts, or taking online surveys. Rack up points for cash back, gift cards, or other prizes.

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