#QuestionsForTheGecko: A Q&A With Your Favorite Spokeslizard

You’ve seen him on TV, you’ve followed him on Facebook and Twitter, and you may have even met his likeness at a local event in your town. He’s told you all about how you could save money on car insurance by switching to GEICO. Now it’s time to turn the tables and have him answer some burning questions you’ve had.

Gecko: It’s easier than you think. What’s not easy is being this short.

Gecko: I count to 15 and go take a time out.

Gecko: Crocodile Rock.

Gecko: Mine is better.

Gecko in convertible

Gecko: Reptilian, actually.

Gecko: Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet.

Gecko: Absolutely. Great place to work. When they don’t turn the lights off on you.

Gecko: They don’t exactly make them in my size, mate. 😉

Gecko: I’m a gecko, not a chameleon. I’m always green. 😉

Gecko: Never tire of it. 🙂

Gecko: Haven’t tried it, but maybe if I run really, really fast.

Gecko: Short. Very short.

Gecko: Actually, it kind of caught me. Pulled me right out of my waders.

Gecko: I dunno. Who? Who? Who? Who?

Gecko: Here’s the recipe.

Gecko: I go to visit but not to stay.

Gecko: I say, “Yes? Yes? Seriously, what is it?”

Gecko: You have to learn his language first before he’ll learn yours.

Gecko: I’ve seen the original patent, and the correct answer is OVER.

Gecko: See photo above.

Gecko: I am just a regular gecko, so no, not at all.

Gecko: When I was in primary school, yes.

Have more questions for the Gecko? Use #QuestionsForTheGecko on Twitter, follow him @TheGEICOGecko and watch this space to see if your question gets answered in a future post!

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