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GEICO Mailbag

We love hearing from our fans! Here are some of our favorite reactions, comments and questions we’ve received about our latest commercial campaigns and our most beloved mascots.


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Happy #GEICOween 🦎 🎃 #halloween #geico #geicogecko #pumpkin #jackolantern

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Think #geico will hire us?

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Love the Gecko! #geico #geicogecko #salesandservice #garythegecko

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When your 5 yr old is obsessed with the Geico commercial ?? #idinamenzel #geicocommercial @geico

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I had to remix this commercial a little bit @djkhaled ? #geico #corny #instagood

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Sloppy sketches For those of you that need to hear it! #geicocommercial #geicopinocchio

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  1. Amanda says,

    Maybe it would be funny to say this house is great, but the neighbors play their sound machine way too loud, then appears Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine playing “Conga!”

  2. Wayne Carey says,

    I loved the commercial with Animal from the muppets. Would it be possible to make a commercial with Statler and Waldorf?

  3. Marie McCann says,

    Commercial Idea, Opening Scene Hospital Nursery the Geico Gecko and Two human Fathers looking at their babies, two Geckos and a bunch of human babies, the baby geckos say the Geico tag line, all the human babies repeat. The Geico Gecko says to the Human father’s, “Its true you Know, they take after their mom”

  4. Barry says,

    commerical idea “ A couple returns to their new home and after parking the car in their
    drive way get out of the car while saying “We love our new home but the driveway needs some work
    while neighbors are driving golf balls across it

  5. Craig Tayman says,

    I love the pun commercials for home ownership. (We have aunts). I imagine there might be some licensing issues, but I think an easy one would be a Beatle infestation, with a ton of Beatle impersonators. Hope to see it someday!

  6. Paulina says,

    i just saw the commercial for the “too” Victorian house. How about one with a craftsman style and have a bunch of guys doing crafts, or a bunch of guys doing small repairs (fixing windows, painting, etc).

  7. Teja Davis says,

    HI! I’ve seen your commercials with the “clogs” and the “A(u)nts” and Animal, but I think they are so funny, and I had an idea! You guys should totally do a commercial with leaks but the pun should be leeks! (If you don’t know leeks are a type of vegetable, they’re a little paler at the bottom and then turn green as you get closer to the top) So the pun would be that the family is sitting on their couch like they usually do and do the whole “We love our house, it’s everything we wanted blah blah blah..but there are so many leaks” and then you would show leeks growing in their house like everywhere! Leeks in the attic, leeks in the basement and the garage, everywhere! and since it’s leaking, leeks you could have one of the leeks fall on them while they’re sitting on the couch and they could use the leeks in their food and be sick of it! I just think you guys should do leeks haha so yeah. Great job guys 🙂

  8. Brenda Mabe says,

    Idea for buying a new home commercial.. “We love our new home, but don’t always feel safe” then have a baseball umpire pop out and yells You’re OUT!

    • Brenden Luddy says,

      You need to Find Fred Grandy- aka Gopher from Love Boat and use him in a commercial

      We bought this house and we have a Gopher problem……

  9. Kelly W. says,

    You should really do an MC Hammer commercial. A new couple moves into their dream home, but there’s a hammer issue next door. Queue MC Hammer and Hammer Time.

  10. Marianne Dorr says,

    The commercial of the Gecko, walking in the woods and a ACORN falls, he calls it a chestnut. Says it twice. Just correcting the Lizard.😂