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How To Improve Sound Quality In Your Car

Whether going on a road trip or making your daily commute, listening to music, a podcast or an audio book can make the ride more pleasurable. Now, thanks to technology, it’s easy to create concert-quality sound in your car without having to shop around for new speakers. With some nifty plug-and-play gadgets and apps, there are several affordable ways to get a sound boost in the cabin.

Install Equalizer Apps

Equalizer apps can sonically enhance audio files that are stored on smartphones, especially iOS and Android devices. Some allow you to manually adjust levels, while others can trigger an effect with a simple tap. If you have never used one before, you may be surprised by how much cleaner a song sounds.

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A portable digital-to-analog converter, or DAC, takes the files that play off your smartphone (or any portable music player) and translate them into analog signals for improved audio quality and higher volume without sacrificing clarity, range or depth.

These now come in pocket-sized varieties, and while they have internal batteries that need to be recharged, they can be used with almost any device. Both ends will connect through standard 3.5mm jacks, like those used for headphones. This way, you can improve the sound in the car even if you don’t have a built-in USB port. It also doesn’t matter if the music is stored on the device or streaming from an app; a DAC treats all audio the same way.

Get A Car Amplifier

Whether you’re still using factory speakers or you’ve upgraded them, adding an amplifier will give you better, cleaner sound quality and more power for peak audio performance. (And make sure you use high-quality cables when you hook it up to make sure you’re getting the best sound for your money.)

Dampen Those Doors

Speakers in doors can sometimes lead to vibrations that affect the resonance of the audio you’re playing, so dampening that effect can pay some big dividends. There are a number of manufacturers that make mats to cover the inside of your doors specifically for this purpose. They are designed for an easy DIY peel-and-stick installation, but if you’re not so inclined, you do have the option of going to a car audio installer and having the professionals there take care of it.

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By Ted Kritsonis

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  1. Helen Pleasant says,

    Great info for coaxial speakers users.
    They can improve their car sound system quality through using this. I also have a site for car audio enthusiasts( where I also provide information about improving car sound quality.

    However, I still confused about DAC. Is it really possible to use DAC without upgrading stereo?

  2. Nash Rich says,

    I’m not a huge fan of driving, but when I have good tunes and a good system, it’s so much better. My friend has an awesome sound system, and sometimes we drive around just to listen. He got a big speaker in the back. There’s less room for the groceries, but more room for enjoyment!

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