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4 Ways To Entertain Kids On A Road Trip

Spring break is upon us, and whether you’re off for an extended time or just an extra day, there’s a good chance you’re thinking about heading out with the family. While there are plenty of fun things to see and do this week paying a little attention to the journey itself can make it more enjoyable for all. Follow these family drive tips to ensure the best trip possible. And don’t forget to download the GEICO Mobile app before you head out on your trip. It will give you access to cheap gas and roadside assistance, and it keeps all your insurance paperwork right at your fingertips—no extra paper to pack in the glove box!

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Give Everyone A Turn

Plan your route a few days in advance and have each person in your family pick somewhere to stop along the way. It could be a cool ice cream parlor, a lookout point or anything interesting that catches their eye. Including your kids in the planning gives them something to look forward to during the drive. (If your trip takes you along the East Coast, here are 12 scenic stops to make along I-95.)

Scrapbook The Journey

Give each child a notebook, markers, pencils, stickers and anything else that’s appropriate for their age. Each day have them write and/or draw something that’s memorable for them during the drive. You can also let them use your digital camera to create their own photo essay. It’s a great road trip activity, makes for a wonderful souvenir and is a fun way to get your children to think meaningfully about what they’re seeing.

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Try Rewards, Not Bribery

It doesn’t matter how old your kids are, chances are they’ll get cranky—or just plain uncomfortable—on a long drive. Promise some small treats that they can look forward to to help them get through those moments. Maybe it’s stopping off at one of their favorite restaurants for an evening snack or letting them stay up a bit later when you arrive—having something positive to look forward to at the end of the jaunt can take their mind off the journey to get there.

Offer Just A Little Bit Of Screen Time

Parents need a little bit of time to decompress on the road as well. While one of the best things about a road trip is connecting with everyone in the car, every once in a while a break is in order for the two people sitting up front. This is the perfect time to let your kids pull out their screen of choice—with headphones, preferably, to save everyone’s nerves.

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