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  1. Teresa Catlin says,

    It seems as though no one can, or is willing to, read anymore! I don’t want to watch a video. I can read and comprehend a lot faster than someone can talk. If you’re going to do a video, please also provide the text.

  2. Rob Yow says,

    I think you would be a suggestion for you guys to spend less time and money creating things on this app that should be just simple common sense and if you’re not spending money there you could make our policies cheaper. And I just spoke with a representative on the phone it would be nice if there were representatives that were more pleasant to speak with she obviously has issues at home and she brought them to work with her.
    By the way you did not warn people what happens if you accidentally sprayed the alcohol on the paint of your car. If you’re going to give advice you should give specific advice but people should use common sense get in the car turn on the de- Frost. Quit spending money on the app just make our policies cheaper.

    • Donna Albright says,

      I totally agree the customer service representative I spoke was rude and condescending.I told her she was upsetting me and I had to call back to get a different person the next day. I also could use a cheaper policy it keeps going up without any claims or violations. I just found out they have been charging me $60 extra every year because they used my debit card which they told me when I started with them it was only $1 a month it was the same bank account as now .

    • Tamara Campos says,

      I agree with everything Rob Yow said including the unfriendly customer service reps. Btw, just curious what happens if you get alcohol on your car, does it ruin the paint? I always use my cars defroster and deicer windshield wiper fluid after the defroster starts to work.

  3. Dean Conover says,

    At a friend’s suggestion I used vinegar on the windshield and within a very short period of time my wipers began streaking and had to be replaced (wipers had been regularly replaced)

    • Francis T. Brophy says,

      Valuable pointers read and learned! thank you!
      Always check wipers are not frozen to glass-you’ll kill em quick doing that !
      Warming up engine oil by starting also helps windshield in just minutes.We keep two scrappers and snow brush in our vehicle.Some days you need a scraper in Maine..

  4. Chris says,

    I use Rain-X on all my windows. Yes my sunroof also. Maybe a bit much. I do it every 3 months. My friends were asking why is the rain just flying off your windows. Light rain sometimes the wipers don’t have to be put on. Follow the directions and use that elbow grease. A shami cloth is great. Clean the windows very good before and let dry. I always dry mine with newspaper. This also helps rain water that would become ice lessen greatly.
    I prefer my windshield cover in the winter though.
    Defroster on, windshield cover off . Wipe the rest of car. Done. 10 min approx. Drive

  5. ScaiacS says,

    I’d be weary of applying the vinegar just over the vents like that…I’m certain you can guess why: the smell of vinegar will more than likely invade the interior of your vehicle. Try it, but be prepared. You will have to use something to counter the vinegar smell. And the fun continues!

    • Jessica says,

      Well unless you’re riding in the engine compartment, I think you’ll be fine. The Cowl vent(s) the engine not the interior cab.

      • Alvin says,

        The vent inlet for car cabins is in the cowl vent underneath the windsheild. This give clean air as this is sealed from the engine compartment. If you did any work on the cars HVAC system you could find this out when the heater box and fan assembly is removed from under the hood.

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