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  1. Jerzlady says,

    A bottle of Rubbing alcohol poured in windshield washer tank during wintery weather, prevent from frozen washer liquid, de-ices your windshield (especially driving on hwy). Don’t use water to de-ice keys or locks, it’ll cause it to freeze again immediately, use vinegar or rubbing alcohol to de-ice, then put wd-40 or vegetable oil to keep from freezing.

  2. Kathy Cribb says,

    Good tips. Some I did not know. The others were a reminder to replenish what I have used or discarded. Thanks

  3. Thelma Senn says,

    Thanks very much for your very valuable information. These suggestions are well taken and will be put into place.

  4. Frank Acello Jr. says,

    I carry 3/8 or 1/2 biodegradable rope to tie around the tires. This works in mud or snow. When it wears out it just falls off. Trucks can use a thicker rope.

  5. Rachel Sadek says,

    I use vinegar a lot around the house, but the use of it to prevent ice forming is new to me. Thanks for the tip.

  6. Pat says,

    Hmmm. I never heard of using vinegar. Will have to try that. I usually run the defroster for 5 to 15 minutes to loosen the ice and warm the cabin. Is there any lingering odor or paint damage?


    Great info,wrap a blanket ,put it in a water proof bag.If your spare is in vechile, store many things there,even bottle water and matches. Tell female to use legs it is easier to stomp the lug to remove or this then the lugs.If keys will not open doors try hitting with the fist, to break ice that may be the cylinder

    • Geno says,

      A BETTER solution to frozen locks is to keep a disposable lighter or two handy, then HEAT the key. With heavy ice build up, you may need to heat the key a couple of times. Once the key is inserted and still won’t turn, reheat it, insert it and leave it in place a few seconds to thaw the tumblers.

  8. Dolores Tames says,

    I do appreciate and like very much your note about what to “always have stored in your car”. All of these hints were extremely helpful. I don’t know if I will follow through with all of these suggestions but I will try. What to stock your car with in case of serious situations that might arise, really seemed so sensible. Thank you. I do love GEICO because they always go out of their way for their policyholders. to be as helpful as possible.

  9. Ed Wolpert says,

    Nice that you provide information to your customers. One problem:

    In the video on changing a tire, after the car was lowered Dad didn’t tell the daughter that the lug nuts need to be tightened with the lug wrench. Hand tightening won’t cut it on the open road.

  10. ann pichardo says,

    I have an old car and in the winter, these past 2 winters it has been raining ice. So, when I get up to go to work the door unlocks but when I pull the handle the door will not open. I have to continue to pull the handle, I feel like I am going to break the handle. What can I do to prevent this? Thanks.

  11. Deanna R. Jones says,

    Thanks for the tips! Sometimes trying to wipe and scrape all of the ice and snow from my windshield can be very time consuming. It can be frustrating in the morning right before I have to get to work, so it’s great that there’s an easy way to get rid of the ice on my windshield. I’ll try mixing three parts vinegar with one part water in a spray bottle to find out how that works to prevent ice from forming overnight during the winter.

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