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  1. David Gielow says,

    In California the upper speed limit is 65 UNLESS specifically listed speed limit can go to 70.

  2. Ellen Metz says,

    In Washington State, the highest speed limit is 65 on Interstates. Sometimes I wish I could go faster, but then, the HOLD button kicks in and I remember it is 65 mph for a reason. I also try to leave for doctor appointments about 45 minutes to an hour before appointment time so I don’t have to speed to get there.

  3. John Mohan says,

    “Seven states allow a head-spinning 75 mph…”

    “Head-spinning”?! Oh my…

    I lived in Germany for six years, enjoying my time traveling on the Autobahns, which in many areas outside of cities don’t even have a speed limits. 120 km/h (75 mph) is the speed the elderly drive at (properly in the right lane). Typical families move along at around 145 – 160 km/h (about 90 – 100 mph) and the fastest drive at 200+ km/h (120+ mph). All of these drivers drive in the right lane except when passing. None of them drive in the left lane except when passing. If traffic is a bit heavy and both left and right lanes are occupied, then when somebody in the left lane sees somebody coming up faster behind him or her, he or she ALWAYS moves over (when traffic is extremely heavy, just like here, all lanes will get plugged up and a traffic jam, “Stau”, ensues.

    No driver EVER passes on the right. If they do and they are caught they lose their license for a month. If a driver remains in the left lane and refuses to move over when someone wants to pass and they are caught, they are arrested and charged with unlawful hindering. They go to jail.

    Drivers in Germany are better trained and better educated. They practice proper lane discipline. It is for these reasons they are able to travel as fast as they want on parts of their expressway system and enjoy greater safety than we do here in America. There are less accidents, less injuries and less deaths per distance traveled on the German Autobahns than on the American so-called “Expressways”.

    So much for the silly idea that “Speed Kills”.

  4. nathalie says,

    Quite a few Montana highways are 75 mph. I love it. Especially since the majority of people here drive like clockwork on these 2-lane highways. They drive in the left lane only when they want to drive faster than the person ahead of them. They get over to pass, then get right back over to the right lane ahead of the slower driver. I rarely see drivers, regardless of their speed, drive in the left for any reason other than quickly passing someone.

  5. Julio says,

    In Houston TX you cant even speed at 45 mph. Theres constructions everywhere. And trafic its Horible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Peggy says,

    It makes me quite nervous when someone is following me too closely. I learned in a safe driving course to maintain the proper speed limit and if on a two lane highway, which I drive most of the time, to slow a little and move to the right when an opportunity to pass appears on the road. Until then it can be nerve racking, so I pray for safety for all concerned. It keeps me calm and I am amazed at how the problem is quickly resolved.

  7. Dan Braun of Ill. says,

    It’s very frustrating on the roads these days and I have only one comment: ” I thought the speed was the speed limit, not a suggestion”!

  8. Georgia roach says,

    Setting cruise control helps me and staying in slow lane as much as possible. I know I’m the minority! I’m safer though

  9. david says,

    I get very frustrated when driving because when the speed limit is 70, EVERYBODY is going 10 to 15 mph faster. I respect traffic laws and feel as if I am in danger on the hi ways. Even the police do not respect speed laws. We will never get people to obey the laws as long as there is no enforcement, we should be focusing on enforcement instead of increasing speed limits. I have found that by driving within existing speed limits, I get just over 20 % better fuel mileage. If I drive with the traffic, I get only 26 MPG and when I drive within posted speed limits, I get 34 MPG, huge improvement!!!.


      You should ALWAY’S drive @ your own comfort level look ahead scan sides of highway I had to teach my sister these lessons,1 never ever sit right behind a semis trailer if you cant see his mirrors side ones they cant see you if your three car lengths behind trailer of he crashes so will you! (2) Dont ever sit by a semi’s tire if they have a blow out your car is the target crash @high speeds (3) Be respectful of truck drivers pass if safe to do so whem they flick there lights @ you,you can move over repeat with your lights means thank you!(4) Never ever sit between two trucks keeping them boxed in is rude &they will put you in a ditch ,Think Respect every driver will get what they deserve including speeding POLICE Getting to where your going have serinity &grace

    • John Mohan says,

      Traffic Engineers typically set speed limits about 20% lower than what the average driver would drive at if there were no limits. That’s why the vast majority of drivers tend to drive around 10 – 20% above the speed limits.

      If you wish to drive slower than other traffic, just stay in the right lane and the vast majority of other (faster) drivers will respect you and be courteous. It’s the slower drivers who (illegally even in America) occupy the center and left lanes that drive faster drivers crazy.

  10. David says,

    Utah freeways are generally 70 mph in urban areas. It used to be 65 but they decided that most people were going over the speed limit anyway and those that obeyed the speed limit were creating a dangerous situation.
    The freeway speed limit is 80 mph outside of the cities.
    The highway near Fishlake National Forest and some other isolated areas with little traffic is 25 mph; forever it seems.

  11. Michael Triplett says,

    New Jersey has 65 mph speed limits on many interstates and part of the Turnpike and Parkway. Many people travel much faster.

  12. Dana says,

    In Wyoming we have everything from 65 on rural highways, to 75 on interstate, and now as of this year, 80 mph is allowed on I-25 except close to on and off ramps for cities. It is a long way between destinations in the West!


      Wyoming has the all inclusive speed limits something for everyone hope they. Leave it this time another Wyoming driver!

  13. Rupert Small says,

    Very informative.
    When I am driving the city speed limit, and a driver is tailgating, I will continue to drive and not touching the brakes. Touching the brakes, I believe will trigger rage. I used to drive faster in order to accomodate; but, the faster I accelerate, the driver would not back off. In other words, I prefer not to pull aside for safety reasons.

    • Sue Randall says,

      Just turning on your right turn signal and slowing near the next road where you would be able to turn usually gets them to pass you.

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