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  1. Merrill Gehman says,

    Using your four way flashers is not a good idea in a snow storm , unless your traveling so slow compared to the traffic that is comming , or may be coming up on you doesn’t know your going that slow. As soon as they see you and can tell how fast you are going , turn off you four way flashers. Brake lites and turn signals are most times easier to see with four way flashers off.. keep right and pass left. Middle lanes and left lanes are all passing lanes and should not be used in general except for passing or moving left for oncoming traffic , or moving left so that a vehicle on you right can move out for those vehicles merging onto the highway. After passing move back right. Remember to keep at least two seconds of following distance and allow that much distance between you and the vehicle you’ve just passed, so he doesn’t have to slow down to keep his following distance. This may be hard to do if someone is tailgating you, but try you best with out pissing off the tailgater. One of the more important things is to do this all with extreme vigilance on you speed in relation to the speed limit. No one should expect you to go more than the speed limit if your concerned about getting a speeding ticket. This should also be a determine factored in the first place to move into a lane on theleft if there is traffic approaching in that lane. A determination should be made as to how long it will take to pass, and if it will be Benificial Enoch to counter the amount you will slow that other vehicle down if any.

  2. (former Utahn) says,

    Utah should also be included in the fastest speed limits !!! Most of their limits were raised to 80 m.p.h. for the bulk of the freeways in the state (outside of city limits) !!! We loved driving on Utah freeways !!!

  3. Learning says,

    There are posted speed limits and then there is the actual speed limits. That is the rule in New Jersey. You can witness this on i95.

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