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4 Things That Could Affect The Cost Of Insuring A New Car

When you’re out shopping for new car, what are some of the things you look for? Sure, it has to look great. Certain colors are probably at the top of your list. You love things like safety ratings, maybe a great stereo. Of course, you’re also seeing all those add up on the price posted to the window sticker.

Ah yes – the window sticker. The white sheet of paper that shows things like the fuel mileage, and all the fun things included in the car. It all adds up to that bottom line – but what’s the one critical thing that’s not on there?

The cost to insure the car.

It’s one thing that can catch you completely off-guard. What you may think is a cheap car to insure could turn out to be more expensive than you thought. Or, depending on your mileage and usage, the insurance could be even cheaper than you’d expect.

Before you fall in love with the color, or the huge touch-screen in the dashboard, here are some things to consider, when shopping for a new car, that could make the difference from one car to another.

How Is Car Insurance Calculated?

A lot of people will tell you owning a car that’s painted red will drive up your insurance cost. While some specialty car paints can cost more than most cars, car color doesn’t typically affect your price for insurance. There are actually a number of factors that could make a difference when you upgrade to a new car. Here are four of them you may be surprised to find out.

1. Where Your Car Is Parked

While your old car maybe wouldn’t have gotten a second glance from anyone, your shiny new car could cause some unwanted attention – and not just from envious neighbors. Some zip codes have higher rate of car thefts and vandalism, even if it’s not on your street. Nationally, the most-stolen vehicles these days are full size Ford and Chevy pickup trucks. So if you have your eye on one, there’s a chance that your insurance could go up once you’ve signed on the bottom line.

2. Garage – Or Not

car parked in a garageInsurance companies LOVE a garage. Not only does it keep you and your car dry on rainy days, but it also means your car is more protected than if it was on the street on in your driveway. Not only will a garage deter thieves, but it helps keep your car from getting damaged by hail, falling branches, and even the sun. So when you’re shopping for a new car, make sure it fits in your garage – and be sure to tell your insurance company, too.

3. How Much You Drive

Upgrading to a new car can mean plenty of benefits over your old car. Not only could you get better fuel economy with the newer car, but if you haven’t called your insurance company to adjust your daily mileage, you should. Have you changed to a remote position working from home? Do you only have to go to the office a couple days here and there? Believe it or not, a change in your work schedule could help you save on car insurance – and gas!

4. New Car Safety Features

When it comes to safety features, cars are advancing quickly. Just a few years ago, only expensive, high-end cars had features like backup cameras and blind spot monitoring devices that are common on many brand new cars today. In addition to crash avoidance, cars are being built even stronger and safer, and cars with a higher safety rating could actually lower what you pay for insurance.

piggy bank strapped to roof of toy carWhat Can YOU Do To Lower The Cost Of Your Insurance?

While we can’t tell you which cars are the cheapest for you to insure, the best advice we can give you is to do your research before purchasing a new car. Find one that fits both your budget and has all the features you’re looking for. If you have a specific car in mind, get a fast, no-obligation car insurance quote before you sign on the bottom line.

Review your policy.

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