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Introducing An Express Lane For Your Policy

Have you heard the great news?

There’s now a faster, more convenient way for you to manage your policy online. We call it GEICO Express, and it’s perfect for those times when you just need to:

There’s no need for a username and password. All you need is your ZIP code and either your phone number, policy number, or Social Security number. GEICO Express—it truly is an express lane for completing your insurance needs online.

Review your policy.

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  1. Stefan Neterowicz says,

    Really. They should have put on some Metallica as background.At least it would be more exciting waiting the 10, 15, 20 minutes, whatever, now it just cut out.

  2. Keshia says,

    This “Express” is anything but express. Sub par workmanship at a shady autobody shop with little to no contact from any of you geico team members… Switching to new insurance company today!

  3. john bach says,

    why make it so hard. just give me the insurance card to print out. been here for 10 minutes and still havent found it


    I want to pay my insurance bill, via your express service with my debit card. I have no phone of any kind.