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Updating Your Insurance: What You’ll Need

For years, GEICO has been striving to make the process of buying and renewing insurance as painless as possible. But as with most things, we depend on you, our customers, for critical information. So we’ve developed a handy list that should help when it comes time to purchase a new policy or renew an old one.

Auto Insurance

When it comes to their car, most people know the basics, like their license plate number. But to complete a policy, you’ll need some additional information, including:

–              What is your policy number?

–              What is your car’s vehicle identification number (VIN)?

–              If you’re borrowing money to buy a car, what is the name and address of your lienholder? In most cases, the lienholder will be a bank or dealership.

–              If you’re buying a new or used car, you’ll need GEICO to show proof of insurance to your dealer and local DMV. What are their fax numbers? Is it possible to email the proof of insurance to the dealer? If so, what’s their email address?

–             If you’re trying to clear up issues with the DMV, such as a license suspension or SR-22, what is your case number?

Need to speak to a sales agent about car insurance? You can reach one at 1-800-861-8380.

Homeowners Insurance

When signing up for a homeowners policy for the first time, you’ll need to provide your insurer with a fair bit of detailed information. But fear not—some of that info could help you save money, including:

–              What year was your house built? What type of roof does it have? How many square feet is the house?

–              Does your home have any safety features, like smoke detectors, a burglar alarm or a sprinkler system? They could help you qualify for a discount.

–              Do you have a mortgage? If so, who is it with and what are their contact details?

–              How high do you want your coverage limit to be?

–              Have you made any large purchases recently, especially of things like jewelry, artwork or collectibles?

–              What is the value of all your personal belongings and home appliances?

To discuss your home insurance with a sales agent, call 1-800-841-2964.

Business Insurance

Insuring a business can require a little more legwork than getting coverage for your home or car. That’s because in many cases, you’ll need to get information from your employees, as well as the following:

–              What type of coverage do you have now and what is your premium?

–              Whose name is on the policy? (In insurance parlance, they are known as the certificate holder.)

–              If you’re a returning customer, has your business grown during the past year and have you thought about adding to your coverage?

–              If you have company cars, what are their vehicle identification numbers (VINs)? Also, do you have the driver history and license numbers of the employees who will be using them?

–              How long do you want the policy to last?

Still have questions about commercial insurance? Call 1-800-841-1621 to speak to one of our sales agents.

GEICO is more than just auto insurance. From motorcycle and travel to pet and life insurance, we can help you secure the best coverage for your needs. Log in to to learn more.

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  1. james winant says,

    Geico, i am look at changing my car insurance, from [competitor] to geico car insurance. My insurance with [competitor] end in june. Please give me a quote for my cars, stating in june. thank you.

  2. Gerald and Allyson says,

    We have been with the same insurance company for over 25 years and we are looking for a change. Our old company was bought by another and it seems like the customer loyalty doesn’t matter to this new one. We were told to try geico and another company so that’s what we are looking to do.

  3. LaVonna Lilly says,

    I’m 65 and want to change insurance I do good to drive 3000 mile a year. I get out much. I want insurance to reflect that.