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Explore Augmented Reality With The GEICO Mobile App

Imagine an app that helps you locate your car, finds cheap gas, and lets you play augmented reality games. Now envision all of those features tucked neatly inside of an auto insurance app.

Well, imagine no more. Meet GEICO Explore, the GEICO Mobile app’s newest feature that takes you far beyond regular car insurance.

GEICO Explore is a brand-new, cutting-edge augmented reality (AR) experience that opens your mind to your surroundings like never before. And it’s accessible right within the GEICO Mobile app! Ever forget where you left your car in a large, crowded parking lot? The GEICO Mobile app now has you covered.  You can mark your vehicle, shop or handle business then, upon returning, locate the car by simply holding up your phone and following the icon hovering above it.

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Need gas? GEICO Explore will help you find the nearest gas station, as well as the cheapest. You can also pull up additional information on each location such as pricing, business hours, distance and more.

GEICO is the first car insurance company to offer an AR experience and it’s available to anyone, not just GEICO policyholders.

GEICO Explore is currently available to iOS users with an iPhone 6s or newer running iOS 11. Plans are in place to expand the feature to Android later this year. What are you waiting for? It’s time to explore!

Download GEICO Mobile now and try out GEICO Explore today!

By Jim Swing

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